Statement of Work: CityCoins Voting Platform

This statement of work (SOW) offers CityCoins specific timelines, and expectations for deliverables. It is a followup to our larger vision for the future of CityCoins outlined in the proposal “Community Management."


Console will partner with CityCoins to offer an immediate and effective solution for voting. We will create a stand-alone site (“”) where CityCoins can transparently and securely submit new proposals, vote on proposals, and maintain an immutable history of previous voting records.

Proposed Timeline

Beta — June 20th (internal testing)

Live — July 11th (pending approval from the CityCoins community)


Our suggestion is that CityCoins should start with a simple voting type (Single Choice Voting — everyone gets one vote) and then evolve overtime (as needed).

How CityCoins voting works:

  1. Go to the site:
  2. Connect your Hiro Wallet to verify ownership of a minimum of 100 MIA (MiamiCoin) or 100 NYCCoin (NewYorkCityCoin)
  3. Members can vote on proposals using one voting type: Single Choice Voting (aka. Everyone gets one vote).

How are new proposals submitted?

New Proposals can be submitted if a user has a minimum of 1 million MIA or NYCCoin.

Will there be additional voting “types” available?

Yes. CityCoins will initially start with Single Choice Voting. From there, Console will also offer additional voting types: 1) Single Choice 2) Ranked Choice 3) Quadratic. These additional voting types will be available in August 2022.

Will CityCoins “SubDAOs” be able to vote?

Yes. As needed, we will be able to create city specific “SubDAO” voting pages.

Will it be on-chain?

All votes will be on-chain, meaning that each vote will be submitted to the STX blockchain, and as such, each vote will also require a gas fee.

Next Steps

All details of this SOW are flexible and open to discussion. As soon as we can reach a written agreement from CityCoins we can begin to prioritize the timeline and features stated above. Please note any extended delays in signing this SOW could result in a delay in the proposed dates above.

This proposal will come at no financial cost to CityCoins. We suggest a minimum of a 3-month commitment from CityCoins to work with Console, so we can work to deliver this voting platform for CityCoins. Our team is available as needed to help deliver this SOW. And overall, we are all just super excited to work with CityCoins!

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Here are two internal wireframes that illustrate the two main pages that CityCoins can use to manage proposals. These are rough drafts, and we should have more detailed screenshots coming very soon.

The main proposals page shows a list of all proposals.

Click on a live proposal, and you’ll see a title, summary, and the ability to vote.


Hi Chris,

Thank you for this proposal. We are happy to collaborate with Console on the CityCoins Voting Platform. I think this addresses a near-term need we have to collect community sentiment and provide legitimacy to DAO decisions.

As a next step, we’ll need to define the voting process, any requirements for the DAO, and a target launch date. Look forward to working with you to build this out further.

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