Statement of Work: CityCoins Treasury

This statement of work (SOW) proposes an immediate and effective solution for CityCoins’ treasury management.


MultiSafe is “multisig” safe for storing and managing MIA (MiamiCoin), NYCCoin (NewYorkCityCoin), NFTs, STX, and any future SIP-010 compliant tokens. It’s an open-source project. Written with Clarity smart contracts, and each transaction is submitted on-chain to the Stacks blockchain.

Proposed Timeline

Beta — available immediately for testing at

Live — available July 18th (pending a successful security audit)


CityCoins can assign multiple owners (1-20) to a treasury at MultiSafe is on-chain — meaning all transactions, and approvals will be submitted to the STX blockchain — as such, each transaction will also require a gas fee. In future updates we are considering an off-chain “signature” option for approvals in order to reduce gas fees.

How CityCoins’ treasury management could work:

  1. Go to the site:
  2. Connect your Hiro Wallet wallet for authentication
  3. Treasury owners can submit, receive, and approve transactions.

Next Steps

We can schedule an onboarding meeting with CityCoins, and get you setup with your own MultiSafe treasury right away. We would like to work closely with CityCoins over the next 3-6 months in order to ensure that MultiSafe is meeting all of your needs, and also so that we can help prioritize any features or needs you have along the way. We’re here for you! And super excited to work together.

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