Create community benefits and visibility thru contributions

So here are my initial thoughts wanted some feedback background is accounting, finance, and legal.
First let me explain government and non profit accounting. Government accounting works like this they have a general fund which is used to pay general expenses, and sub funds used to pay specific expenses such as a fund for the fire department, public parks, exc. that are not paid out of the general fund. When making a donation which is what this project is all about you can choose to make a donation using unrestricted funds, temporary restricted funds (funds must go to a specific purpose), and permanent restricted where only the interest payments can be used on a unrestricted or temporary restricted basis. See this website for greater detail. Nonprofit Fund Types: What Are They?. So this being the case we do not need the mayor or any government people to approve on our donations. We can simply make them according to what the community chooses based on a community vote. So here is my proposal. 1. We create sub funds for Miami, and New York coins and a platform to vote on how to delegate these funds to public works on a temporary and permanent restricted donation basis. 2. When funds are donated they typically are awarded a plaque and member benefits such as free memberships and privileges. We offer these benefits directly back to our community much like chronos does with their credit/debit card the more proof of
Stake the greater the benefits . So if you own city coin NYC, stake, and met a certain criteria you’d get free access to a park or museum. This would increase awareness of the city and city coins. Plus create an awesome community experience. 3. We could potentially use donations as a tax write off however I’m unclear on how this would work. Usually donations are a write off or potentially earned interest free like when you purchase a state bond. We could potentially get tax incentives for our community members this would most likely be on a city by city basis. 4. Every donation should have a city coins awareness Part.

I researched city parks in MiAmi and New York both give you a bench with your name on it for 2k, museums typically give you free memberships for $100 donation. Given our large pools I’m sure if one of us reached out we could get a community/corporate membership for all of us to multiple places in the city and lots of publicity for donations to city parks and facilities after a couple phone calls. This would expand city coins awareness, community, benefits to the community, and benefit the city.

Thanks for sharing these thoughts! A lot of what you’ve put forth here is very similar to what has been discussed in the DAO discussions. The primary goal of that initiative is to shift from the city donation basis (which has proved to be largely ineffective) to a community vote-based method (much like what you’ve advocated for here) for allocating funds from the city wallet. I’d recommend watching the recordings from those calls to see what they have been up to in much more detail. You can find those in a convenient playlist on Youtube here:

As for some of the specific suggestions on how to allocate funds, I’m interested to hear more about the restricted and unrestricted fund types. This could definitely be a consideration for specific fund allocation proposals to be voted on by CityCoin DAOs once they are implemented. The park bench and museum ideas would make great funding proposals in the (hopefully near) future!