CityCoins & Quadratic Funding

Is anyone at CityCoins thinking about using quadratic funding (QF)?

I really like how City3 used QF to bridge the gap between Web3 and local communities. This article explains how they found a matching partner (The Oakland Fund for Public Innovation), and did some type of voting to elevate and fund local non-profits.


In Q2 2022, we hosted several crypto onboarding sessions with the aim of reaching those who otherwise would not be exposed to this technology. 139 people received pre-funded non-custodial crypto wallets for the first time, 84% were traditionally underrepresented, and signed our OAK Founding statement.

CityCoins is such a strong vehicle for social change. Looking forward to learning how (or if) local quadratic funding initiatives like this are in CityCoin DAOs future.

P.S. I think Eamon is doing some work building a quadratic funding mechanism for STX?


You’re right about Eamon’s work on the Quadratic voting. Last I heard, that was still in progress and there was some talk of, once it is completed, seeing if could easily be ported to CityCoins specifically. I’m also curious to find out if there have been any developments on that front!

I’d like to inquire about using it to fund my citycoin project.